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Evidence-based point of care decision support tool with continuously updated expert opinion. UpToDate is designed to answer clinical questions that arise in daily practice by covering thousands of clinical topics across medical specialty areas.

UpToDate is available to all Monash Health employees from the Desktop, in the EMR and through the mobile app. To access register for an individual account within the Monash Health network (instructions below). You can then download the mobile app and login with the account you created when registering.


The below video provides an introduction to UpToDate.

Guides for Using UpToDate


An individual account is needed to utilise the mobile app or to access the site remotely. See instructions below on how to create an individual account and keep it active by renewing it every 90 days.

You can then install the mobile app from your app store on up to two devices (eg. a mobile phone and tablet). You will also use the same user name and password to access UpToDate remotely on any other desktop and start earning CME/CPD points.


Create an Individual Account

An individual account gives you access to customisation, tracking for professional development and the mobile app UpToDate Anywhere.

Create an UpToDate account that is affiliated with the Monash Health subscription by following the steps below.

  1. Use this Monash Health link to go to UpToDate.
  2. Click on the orange 'Register' button in the top right.
  3. Complete 1-time registration process to create a username and password.

Please note that you will be required to renew your account every 90 days.

More detailed instructions: UpToDate registration Guide

Follow step by step instructions below

Or click here to watch a demonstration.

Renewing Access

To maintain remote access, UpToDate requires all users to authenticate their account once every three months. On day 85 and 90 you will receive a message to remind you to verify your account.

Re-authentication can be done by logging into your UpToDate account. You must be on the Monash Health network and using the Monash Health UpToDate link. If you need to update your password, you will need to do this first by clicking on ‘forgot username or password’.

  1. Use this Monash Health UpToDate link to go to UpToDate.
  2. Click on the green 'log in' button in the top right
  3. Enter your personal UpToDate login

Once you have logged in, you will have successfully renewed your account for the next 90 days.

How do I merge two accounts?

You may use the Consolidate my accounts feature in My Account to merge accounts, and consolidate continuing education credits in one account.


Follow these instructions to merge two accounts:

  1. In My Account, click the Consolidate my accounts link.
  2. Enter the user name and password for your second account.
  3. Click Find Account. UpToDate will then display a page identifying the source and target accounts. The accrued CME/CE/CPD credits for each account will be displayed.
  4. Ensure that the desired accounts are identified as the source and target accounts.
  5. Click Merge Accounts.
  6. A dialog box will appear confirming you are transferring your continuing education credits to one account, and that one of your accounts is being deactivated. Click Merge to confirm you are transferring credits and deactivating an account.

Important: After you merge two accounts, the merge operation cannot be undone, and the source account becomes inactive. Before proceeding, make sure the information for the source and target accounts is correct.

UpToDate merges the source account into the target account. Any accrued continuing education credits are now stored in the target account, and the source account is no longer active.


UpTodate Mobile App Walters Kluwer [YouTube] - 3min

UpToDate is now available in the Monash Health EMR. 

In the EMR, click on 'Links' then UpToDate or access UpToDate directly from the toolbar.

UpToDate in the EMR









UpToDate in the EMR toolbar 

Calculators By Specialty - Search for calculators by the area of medicine they pertain to.

Drug Interactions - The drug interactions program (Lexi-Interact) provides more in-depth analysis of drug-drug, herb-drug and herb-herb interactions.

Patient Education - UpToDate offers two levels of content for patients.The Basics are short overviews. They are written in accordance with plain language principles and answer the four or five most important questions a person might have about a medical problem. Beyond the Basics are longer, more detailed reviews.

Information by Speciality - Find information and interactive guides to help you make appropriate decisions related to specific clinical questions based exclusively on content synthesized from UpToDate and the underlying evidence in society guidelines and in the literature

Referencing UpToDate

UpToDate topics may be cited similarly to book chapters although there are no page numbers to cite since UpToDate is an online resource. The last updated date should be used for the current year.  For example, in APA style:

Aberg J. A., & Cespedes, M. S. (2022). HIV and women. UpToDate. Retrieved December 1, 2022, from

Further guidance on referencing an UpToDate article can be found in our Referencing library guide.

Information about re-using information and data from UpToDate is available in Permission to re-use or re-produce UpToDate material.

CME Credits

Use the time you spend researching clinical questions with UpToDate for continuing professional development requirements.

  • Track credits and time - both the search activity and time spent reading topics is tracked when you research a clinical question.

  • Redeem CME/CE/CPD - credits or contact hours may be redeemed for up to two years 

  • View History - view, download and print past CME/CE/CPD submissions as needed.

Change your CME settings to time-based tracking (aligned with the Australian system)

  • When logged in to UpToDate, go to the 'CME' section.
  • Click on 'Settings'.
  • Under 'CME Credit Type', the default will be AMA PRA Category 1 Credit.
    • Click on 'Edit' and scroll down until you find the option 'Time-based tracking' option and select this.

View the list of Australian and New Zealand accredited colleges, associations and authorities.

More information is available from the Continuing Medical Education with UpToDate guide.

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