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Unlike qualitative studies, quantitative studies collect numerical data. Quantitative study designs fall into two categories, experimental or observational, depending on whether or not an exposure or intervention was introduced to the study cohort by the researchers. Experimental studies include randomised controlled trials or non-randomised trials. Observational studies include cohort studies, case control studies, cross sectional studies, and case studies.

Qualitative Study Designs

Qualitative study designs include case studies, case control studies, cohort studies, cross sectional studies, RCTs, and systematic reviews. Data collected can be in the form of researcher notes, statistics, images, or audiovisual recordings.

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REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture) is a secure web application for building, sending, and managing online surveys. REDCap can be used to collect any type of data, however, it is specifically geared to support data capture for research studies.

REDCap allows for form customisation with HTML and CSS, survey logic, file attachment, data export and import, collaboration with external researchers, and sending email and text alerts.

Unlike, Excel or Survey Monkey, REDCap meets the requirements for security, privacy, data quality, and data auditing and should be used when conducting health research. Many ethics committees are aware of and approve of the use of REDCap.


To access REDCap, or to find more information about accessing REDCap at Monash Health, please contact the below:

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Microsoft Forms is available to all Monash Health staff with an Office 365 account. It can be used to easily and quickly generate forms, surveys, and polls. View results as they are submitted via built-in analytics, and export data to Excel for additional analysis.

Microsoft Forms is encrypted both at rest and in transit, however, Microsoft Forms may be not be a suitable tool for all research. Although Microsoft Forms is advertised as HIPAA compliant, this is a United States act and researchers should consult with their relevant human ethics board or policies to determine if Forms is compliant and appropriate.


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  • Please lodge an IT support ticket if you cannot access Microsoft Forms.


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